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Effista (Efficient, Informative, Systems, Training & Advice)

Our main focus in Effista is to support small to medium sized businesses with both their day to day accounting and payroll tasks, and their long term business planning.  Here are some of the services we offer:


Effista Remote Support Services

Our experienced remote support service provides clients with the knowledge that their computerised accounts systems are efficient and accurate and will provide them with the decision making reports that are required to manage and grow their business.

Effista offer several levels of remote support to offer from the once off “Quick File Check” to a comprehensive “File Check Plus”

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Find out more about Effista file check plus service

Regular checkups on your systems should lead to fewer problems to be sorted at the Year End.  Our File Check Plus service is designed to give you confidence in your accounts, to know that the figures are accurate & timely.

There are different levels available within our “File Check” service.

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For more information about our Business Development service click hereManagement accounts are vital for any business that wants to grow and develop.  The File Check service is available to get you started.  You need to know that your figures are right to be able to build on them, we can help with cash-flow projections, business plans, loan/grant applications, expansion plans and more.  Get in touch to hear more

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Health Check

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