Case Studies

At effista, you will find people that work with you in your business to help ensure that your accounting and business management systems are accurate and timely and provide you with the reports that you need to make effective business decisions.

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Case Study:

Mary is the Director of a limited company.  There are two people working in the office and eight to ten people in the workshop at any given time.  They purchased a small computerised accounts system a couple of years ago and input the sales and purchases information into it on a monthly basis.  Information is also recorded on excel to do the VAT.  Mary keeps a record of all sales manually as she takes care of credit control and of course as a director she needs to know the business is operating efficiently (there’s that word again!).  Even with 3 people and a system Mary still didn’t have the information she needed to make the effective business decisions.  She looked at reports, could spot something wrong and then dismissed them and rightly so. Take control of your business... call us now for more information

She spoke of the cost of running the office but does not have accurate, timely information and asked for our help.  We listened, looked at the file and agreed several steps with Mary.  We trained staff and monitored the system and gave Mary the confidence she needed in her system, staff and business.  She calls us the “glue”, where everything comes together! The outcome is that Mary completely understands the system and can manage it herself, she has the information she needs along with a detailed breakdown if she needs it.

She now works off one system – the computerised system and has no need for manual records or excel – duplication has ceased and so have one of the wages.  Her accountancy fees have also reduced.  We’ve helped her take control of her business and she knows we’re here at the end of the phone to support her grow and develop her business.  We log in once a month to check eveything is as it should be, advise her, amend/fix any problems that may exist and explain them as we work on them.