File Check Plus

File Check Plus

We believe that no one knows your business better than you and that accounting and payroll procedures should be maintained in-house if at all possible.  Why?  There’s vital, confidential information contained in your accounts – customers’ information and their balances, employee pay details and bank accounts etc.  We believe in the security of in-house procedures processed accurately so everybody learns.We will work with you at a time that suits YOU best

We can provide a service whereby each month, on a date mutually set between effista and the client, we can make routine checks on your accounts system.  By checking your accounts monthly, you will be in a better position to make sound business decisions as your information should be up to date, also, there will be less to do at your year end to gather up for your accountant.

The key to any book-keeping exercise are accuracy and timeliness, after all, Garbage In – Garbage Out!

We’re trainers, we believe in imparting knowledge, developing people and growing businesses.  The only reason people make mistakes or don’t bother keeping their data up-to-date is because they’re complacent; don’t understand the importance of doing it right or the impact and cost of doing it wrong.


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