Who we are

About us

Effista are all about efficient information systems training and advice. That’s where the name came from…well it’s not really…we played around with different words, liked the idea of the “istas”…barista, recessionista, fashionista etc and loved the words efficient and effective, put them all together and came up with effista!  It worked out very well and we got the .com so we are ever so happy people 🙂

helping your business improve efficienciesThat’s what you’ll find here, happy people that work with you in your business to help ensure that your accounting and business management systems are accurate and timely and provide you with the reports that you need to make effective business decisions.

How? Read some short examples of businesses we have helped in the past. (See our Case Studies page)

We are a catalyst for change for your business.  By building long-term relationships with clients, we help to put effective systems and plans in place so as to increase potential, increase performance and ultimately increase profitability.  There’s a trust that exists and is vital to our relationships, relationships that involve openness and good communication.  Are there challenges?  Definitely, but everyone loves a good challenge and no one more than us. Wait til you see the results, staff get a better understanding of the business.

When you’ve made the decision that it’s time to take control of your business and your finances, call us to see if we can help you.  We’ve got customers all over Ireland and the UK and can do a considerable amount of work with you both online and over the phone.