Training And Support


Computerised Accounts & Payroll Training and Support

Computerised Accounts / Computerised Payroll:

Remote support enables us to provide training to clients on the use of their computerised packages.  Good examples are the use of stock items or how to handle contra accounts.  We like to provide training on real time information where possible.  This makes it easier to relate to and, of course, with our support contracts the client can call us at anytime to go through it again.

Support Services

Our experienced support services put our clients at ease, knowing that their computerised accounts systems are efficient and accurate.  These systems should be able to provide them with the decision making reports that are required to manage and grow their business.  If the data is incomplete or inaccurate, poor decisions can follow.  It helps to know that there is a helping hand available to perhaps spot something out of the ordinary.  That’s where we can help.

The combination of our years of experience of computerised accounts and payroll software, our friendly secure service as well as a genuine understanding of your business enables Effista to be that hands on, experienced resource that ensures accuracy, efficiency and proficiency in developing your business.

Effista are here to proactively support our clients to grow. We have several levels of remote support that we offer our clients from the one off Quick File Check to the very comprehensive File Check Plus.

Support Services from Effista

Supports that we offer:

  • Accounts Setup
  • Payroll Setup
  • Remote Support
  • Quick File Check
  • File Check (Audit & Recommend)
  • New File Setup
  • File Fix
  • Training

Contact us today to discuss your requirements, or see our support services page to find out more about the type of support we can offer to your business.