Support Services

Remote Support

Our remote support service allows us to support our clients in the use of their computerised accounting systems.

Here are some examples of problems our clients experience:Support

  • I can’t find a transaction on a customer account but I’m sure I entered it!
  • We have a customer who is also a supplier, how do I handle their contra?
  • We have a problem reconciling a supplier account
  • What nominal code do I use for …?
  • A director has paid a supplier personally, how do I deal with it?
  • My supplier operates in another currency, how do I deal with it?
  • We need a simpler system for dealing with employee expenses.
  • How do we deal with a new loan/HP?
  • Are we accounting for export VAT properly?
  • I want a regular check-up of my data every month to show me where I am going wrong and what I’m not doing.
  • Our debtors and creditors lists need a tidy up and some items need to be written off.
  • Can my system handle stock control?

We’re here to help and remote support is the most efficient way to do it.


How does it work?

We can sign you up to an annual or monthly remote support plan depending on your requirements.

The client logs us into their system and therefore the client has full control.  Although some of our support can be completed with a quick phone call, remote access means less explaining by the client and a faster and more accurate response from us.  Most issues are resolved in half the time it would take to understand and explain it in detail. Seeing is believing, and with Remote support the clients get to see what caused the issue, how to fix it and how to handle it if it happens again in the future.

There are many reasons why our clients feel very comfortable with remote support:

  • Time – clients aren’t waiting for us to call out to the business, say all the hello’s, have quick chats, get them out of their seats while we look at the problem!  Instead we can log in remotely, they can email us reports if needed and we can log in and give them a call to discuss and fix the issue.  No booking a time in a diary a week away and holding up the entire process.
  • Cost – remote support means no travel costs and you get much better value.  If the issue is going to take a while we will let you know and schedule a time when your computer might be free.
  • Non intrusive – You can work on non-computerised tasks while we are working on your system.  If we need anything we’ll call you or put a message on your screen.

If you need any further information, contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Support Plans:

  • Problem solving with data entry, customer and supplier accounts, making processes more efficient, contra accounts, customising invoice and statement templates, payroll queries etc.
  • Quick File Check – We make sure everything is in order, usually completed before a VAT return is filed.
  • File Check (Audit & Recommend) – a more detailed check with recommendations sent to you in a separate email report. This can take several hours and includes checking the control accounts such as the debtors, creditors, tax and bank accounts against the Trial Balance.  Some clients choose to do this monthly and others annually before the accountant requires the End of Year reports.  We would make a recommendation on how often you need this based on our knowledge of the client file.
  • New File Setup – We set up computerised systems remotely, but before we do we’ll need an in-depth chat!  Why?  So that we can get the big picture of where the company is going to ensure the system will grow with it.  Simple suggestions such as a change in the year end, a bit more detail on the nominal codes and the use of project/job codes can terrify people but it’s actually a simple shift in thinking.  We can communicate that, set up the system to accommodate it and ensure that it happens.
  • File Fix – Things can go wrong for many reasons, a basic misunderstanding, misinformation, new accounts staff, lack of knowledge of the system and sometimes a failure on the systems part.  Depending on the issue and when it happened, there may be several ways of resolving the situation. Effista will find the problem and come back to you with the options and we can work from there.  In some cases it will mean that your system cannot be used until it is fixed.

For more information, or to find out what more your system might be able to do for you, why not give us a call or drop us an email or use our form from our contact page