Accounts Setup

Computerised Accounts SetupAccounts Setup

Setting up an accounts package is a vital part of getting the system right, and yet, it’s generally done in a hurry.   Most accounts packages give you a very good start but getting something such as the financial year wrong could lead to problems down the line.

The nominal ledger, or chart of accounts is another area that users get confused by, as well as the VAT setup.  These can be difficult issues to reverse and leave the users, business owners, and the accountant with little faith in the systems they have.  Getting it right at the start is the way to go; otherwise it can be very costly and time consuming!

Additional Functionality

Effista take the process a step further by taking a step back and looking at the business as a whole. Seeing where the bottlenecks are and what are the future plans for growth.  Setting budgets and projections on the accounts system can help business owners to make good decisions and take the necessary actions to ensure the business thrives and targets are met.

Effista can take the pain out of the process by setting up the software for you.  We’ll look at your business and what your needs are. We can see if there are ways to reduce duplication and improve efficiency. Basically, we customise the system to suit the business so that reports are meaningful.

Some of the packages we work on include Sage, MYOB, Quickbooks, TAS Books etc.  If you work on something else we could still help you.  Each package does the same thing, just in a different way.

Where do we go from here?

If your accounts systems are already setup and you’re not happy with the outputs or you know it’s wrong then contact us here, and we’ll follow these steps:

  1. We will arrange a time to give you a call where we’ll gather some information from you about your concerns.
  2. When we have enough information we can log in remotely using TeamViewer 12 so we can take a look through the file, this could take about one hour. (Click here for instructions to download Teamviewer)
  3. We need you to be at your accounts system to do this.  You will have full control and we will also be talking you through what we’re doing and asking a few questions to get a better idea of the current situation.
  4. We will send you an email with some recommendations for putting things right.

We will explain as much as we can throughout this process. If at any stage, you are unhappy or uncomfortable with the process you can stop remote access at any time.  We do not need to delve into your financial data at this stage. We want to see how the system is setup and how it’s being used.  We’re there to review the system and make recommendations.  We are learning about your business and you’re learning a little bit about us and more about your system.


For more information, or to find out what more your system might be able to do for you, why not give us a call, drop us an email, or use our form from our contact page